Irish Art – Lough Gur – Limerick Art


Good Art solves so many problems.  That awkward space on the wall, the key feature in your room, the conversation starter, the remarkable accessory to your new furniture suite.  Given as a gift, original art can last a lifetime, it ages better than a voucher, is more personal than cash, and Art actually is human, it can make the unreal, real.


That’s why it is worth more than money.


Each piece, produced by Kathy Tiernan, may be in oil, acrylic or watercolour and is inspired by the local area around Lough Gur in Co. Limerick, Ireland. It might be a landscape, portrait, happy cow, or a fairy creature, but you will have a creative piece that only a human heart can imagine.  The timber frames are made onsite, nothing is mass produced.  Each painting is original and one of a kind.  Delight in something special.

Stone Circle, Grange, Co. Limerck